Pryings 1971/2014

Video/Reenactment, 7:25 min, 2014
collab w/ Pia Chakraverti-Wuerthwein & Andrew Szcurek

The Eyeslicer Presents “Marlon said to me: ‘Maria, don’t worry, it’s just a movie,’” Museum of Modern Art, NY Feb 2019
CROSSROADS (Program 7),San Francisco Cinematheque, CA April 2016
Cellular Cinema 14 , MN July 2016

Review: Molly Hankwitz, “Our Bodies, Ourselves: The Performance of Feminist Film,” Bad Subjects, Issue 90 (2016)

Drawing from Vito Acconci’s work Pryings, this two ­part performance explores intimacy, trust, and violence.

When I first viewed Vito Acconci’s Pryings (1971) I felt inclined to contextualize Acconci’s and Kathy Dillon’s actions in the performance within the themes of male masochism and domination and interpret their actions symbolically. But, their actions were so oblique it felt limiting to do this. I therefore worked with several collaborators to explore the space of the performance, the discomfort of the audience, the constraints of the camera, and Kathy Dillon’s experience in the original performance. In doing this I came to discover the themes of collaboration, control, assertion vs. passivity, intimacy and objectification in the work. Through the non-narrative structure, interactions with the constantly shifting camera, and the video compression that causes the screen to materialize, I try to transcend simply re-enacting the original performance. Making this film was research into Acconci’s work, but also a way to extend his work, alter it, author it, not as the one grappling, but as the one being grappled.